Dragon Spirit International Trading Company – The spirits of Martial Art passed down from the great master, Mr. Bruce Lee

Dragon Spirit International Trading Company was established by Mr. Kenny Chen, the leader of the Jeet Kune Do Concept & Kali Taiwan.  Mr. Kenny Chen has been promoting Jeet Kune Do, a martial art form that was passed down by Master Bruce Lee. Mr. Kenny Chen became the first person to be admitted by Master Dan Inosanto – the successor of Master Bruce Lee, and his student Shifu Salem Assli – as an international instructor. Mr. Chen devotes himself in promoting martial arts and its integration into daily lives in terms of ethics and self-defense.

Mr. Chen has been running a martial art school for years and he often incorporates different kinds of weapons, such as knives, sticks, and swords in classes. However, the qualities of the weapons purchased outside were frequently inconsistent and the training weapons in poor quality made the training process less effective, with poor quality tools students also were at risk of being injured. Concerned with the quality of students’ learning progress and safety, Mr. Chen decided to find a superior factory to develop durable quality training weapons on his own.

Dragon Spirit International Trading Company works with a direct factory in Tainan, Taiwan to produce a series of safe fiber-reinforced plastics training weapons. We have been supplying our quality products to many martial art institutes, police and military units and families for personal self-defense. Our products are highly praised especially by customers in Europe and the America regions, and we receive orders for as much as ten thousand pieces each month.

Dragon Spirit International Trading Company will continue to strive to produce safer and stronger quality training tools. Our mission is to promote Master Bruce Lee’s idea to seek one’s true self, and through Martial Art Learning, finding the meaning of life.