Dragon Steel- Your first choice of fiber-reinforced plastics training weapon

Dragon Spirit International Trading Company cooperates with a direct molding factory with 30+ years of experience specializing in plastic injection and compression, we create and produce a variety of well-built and durable fiber-reinforced plastics training weapons. Our products were sold on well-known internet platforms in the beginning and through offering reliable production quality assurance; we soon developed a reputation for the quality products that we supply by customers in China and other international markets. 

With the increasing demand, our brand ‘Dragon Steel’ was created with the aim to be the top fiber-reinforced plastics weapons supplier. Dragon Steel is based in Taiwan with an international outlook. We are devoted to produce the best fiber-reinforced plastic weapons and strive to make the entire series of the durable simulation Dragon Steel weapon a style statement in martial art weapons and self-defense equipment.

Why choose Dragon Steel
●  Strong, resilient, and safe training knives and swords
Fiber-reinforced plastics weapons are legal self-defense weapons that are made with non-mental but are rigid and tough at the same time.  The material used is lighter with greater wearing quality; not easily breakable or cause cut injuries and it is cheaper in price.  When compared to wooden weapons, fiber-reinforced plastic weapons are more durable and better with humidity, cold, and heat resistance, they are also mothproof.
●  Experienced specialist and quality assurance made in Taiwan
All of our products are manufactured by our direct molding factory in Taiwan. We conduct a full scale quality control process from raw materials to finished products. Furthermore, we incorporate electroplating technology to make the appearances of our products special and transformed beyond the looks of traditional plastic and collectable worthy.
●  Tested and adjusted by martial art instructors
All Dragon Steel products are tested and adjusted by internationally authorized instructors with years of teaching experience and expertise in all kinds of martial art. Our products are used in the international certified martial art school, Jeet Kune Do Concept & Kali Taiwan. The use of our products enhances martial art training practice and ensures safety.
●  Professional Custom-made service
Customized products can be produced with a minimum order of 2500 units. Our experienced instructor with extended command of martial art will act as a consultant to provide advice on suitable weight and style and balance adjustment to meet your needs.  From the discussion of needs to design and production, we guarantee quality.
●  Special discounts and ordering service
Dragon Steel products are competitive in price and reasonably priced. We offer special discounts and we welcome organizations and stores to become our wholesale partners. The bigger the order is, the more competitive the price is.  We also provide ordering services for other weapons and self-defense equipment.

Fiber-reinforced plastics training weapon can be used for:
 Martial art training and routine practice
 Police and Military units
 Personal self-defense and home safety
Martial art performance
Costume / role play
Personal collection and decoration