• Dragon Steel實測 - Amazing testing result on ninja darts
    Reality testing of Dragon Steel product
    Many people want to know how the strength of steel-plastic material can show
    This video proves that a small dart can also have unexpected power!
  • Dragon Steel實測 - 擊破、劈磚,塑鋼超乎你的想像!
    A series of product quality testing by Dragon Steel.
    There are more product testing in the near future , please stay tuned.
  • 大師推薦 品質安心 龍裕塑鋼菲律賓魔杖
    Kali Stick by Dragon Steel. Designed for Filipino martial arts training.
    We invited the international martial arts master- Salem Assli actually use products from Dragon Steel, even as training equipment in the seminars of Philippines martial arts!
    Master Salem Assli is a comprehensive martial arts coach from the world-renowned " Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts ", in addition to the disciple of Dan Inosanto, who is also a representative of the French district of the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, is well proficient in martial arts and invited to hold seminars around the world for most of the year.。
    Products from Dragon Steel is affirmative and recommended by masters, do not hesitate to use it!
  • Dragon Steel 守護家人、守護愛,手持龍裕最實在!
    There is no 『the strongest dad 』on the earth.
    Are you going to rely on the others to rescue
    or escape from the danger on your own?
    『Protecting the family and love by holding products from Dragon steel!』
    Preparing a defense stick is the determination of protecting ,a declaration of conflict avoidance.