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​​ Sai -Flame
Sai, also known as pen frame fork, this short weapons can fight with hand knives, sticks, guns and other weapons. ​
Have been used in India, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other places. The basic moves:  thorns, hooks, unloading, etc., can also be used for throwing;
It is a flexible weapon for offending and defensing. 
The difference between sai and sai-flame is that its multi-edge design can be directly cut or hack the enemy.





Product Story

Ninja often wear dark blue, dark purple cloth, so easy to conceal in the starry night.
The ninja had a particular occupation of Japan from the Kamakura period to the Edo period (about 1185 to 1867).
The ninjas were trained in Ninjutsu (the technique of covert operations), mainly engaged in espionage.
Ninja common in the Japanese Warring States period, work for the Daimyo(だいみょう), perform intelligence gathering, assassination and secret missions.
In the official history of the ninja are only intermittent branch words. Therefore people still face Ninja mystery.
There are many themes to perform in anime or games or movies in ninja, such as Naruto, Ninja Gaiden, ninja turtles and so on.
Ninja is good to use  weapons as a tool, also good at use tools as a weapon. In this Ninja series you can find the ninja bayonet, Shuriken, Katar, ninja darts, Sai and so on.


Product Characteristic

Excellent Hands Feel

Ergonomic designs for handle, not only for the stability of the grip but also for the effect of anti-slip.

General Design

8% to 10% of the population on the earth use left hand, in order to care about the needs of a small number of ethnic groups, adopt a symmetrical appearance of the left / right hand are easy to use.  

Simulation Passivation

Blade passivation simulation modeling, increasing the safety of practicing, hands feel good regardless of the stab or wave!



Item Name
Sai -Flame​
Item No
Total Length 500mm|The total length of handle  135mm
Sai Length 350mm|Sai Thick 15mmThe thinnest of sai 5mm|Weight 203g