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​​Fighting Axe
Designed for close combat known as battle axe. According to the use of the method is divided into short handle ax and long handle ax.
The main target of battle ax is the enemy or the horse's limbs rather than heavy wood and stone. So battle ax will be lighter than cut ax,
the traditional battle ax will have a sharp blade in order to cause a deep wound of the enemy.
As a short weapon, battle ax can be simple and quickly into the combat state.​





Product Story

In response to the war with the soldiers, we call them "warrior", in many games is almost impossible to see the warrior of this occupation.
In close combat the warrior always be a king role, but do not ignore the importance of archers in the war position. "Lord of the Rings" in the wizard archers also plays a good fighting force.
The Warrior gave the impression is often wearing heavy armor with heavy weapons, feel heavy in action speed.
There are one of the characteristics of warrior is that they have many useful weapons, such as epee, light sword, sword, European sword, shield, stick, dagger, stick, ax, or even Sickle, can be warrior's weapon.  Warrior born to brave, fearless. 
When we talk about Warrior, we often think about war movies in the Western world, the close combat of the game, so you can find Western-style weapons in here.


Product Characteristic

Excellent Hands Feel

Ergonomic designs for handle, not only for the stability of the grip but also for the effect of anti-slip.

Meticulous Ornamentation

Details are not sloppy. Showing a good texture of hand-made.It is worth collecting. 

Simulation Passivation

Blade passivation simulation modeling, increasing the safety of practicing, hands feel good regardless of the stab or wave!



Item Name
Fighting Axe
Item No
Length 542mm
The full length of handle 450mm
The full length of handle 280mm
The full length of front handle 120mm
The full length of middle handle 110mm
The length of the blade body 205mm
The thickest of blade 13mm
The thinnest of blade 5mm
The thickest of back blade 13mm|Weight 799g