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  • SP-01P-12P
  • SP-01P-12P
  • SP-01P-12P

​​Sword tan w/coating
Tan also known as the edge of a sword, modern called handguard,Also known as the “knife grid”;
its original purpose is to fix the sword in or out the sheath, and the protection of your hands not to hurt by the enemy;
​ later slowly became status symbol, also pay attention to its beautiful as the decoration.​






Product Story

Samurai Shodown(日版名:サムライスピリッツ,Samurai Spirits,英文版名:Samurai Shodown)SNK company launched a weapons battle game in 1993, which is one of the signs of the game. Duty to its great acclaim and love, so most people understanding the Japanese Bushidom. In this series, you can see a lot of Toyo Bushido style weapons. Such as Iaido knife, samurai sword, katana, small samurai sword (wakizashi), Kendo practice commonly used in the steel and other wooden knife.


Product Characteristic

Meticulous ornamentation

Details are not sloppy.
Showing a good texture of hand-made.
It is worth collecting.

Excellent Hands Feel

Ergonomic designs for handle,
not only for the stability of the grip but also for the effect of anti-slip.   

Work of art

Meticulous ornamentation instead of a sense of plastic products.
It is worth collecting such a work of art.



Item Name
Sword tan w/coating
Antique copper coating 
Item No
A:84mm x  82mm  x 6mm
      Weight 35g
B:82mm x  70mm  x 6mm
      Weight 28g
C:93mm x  73mm  x 5mm
      Weight 29g
D: 83mm x  83mm  x 6mm
      Weight 26g
E:87mm x  79mm  x 6mm
      Weight 44g
F:107mm x  107mm  x 6mm
      Weight 22g
G:84mm x  79mm  x 6mm
      Weight 25g
H:84mm x  74mm  x 6mm
      Weight 30g
I:95mm x  65mm  x 6mm
      Weight 28g
J:94mm x  74mm  x 6mm
      Weight 28g