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​Its predecessor for the Song Taizu created dragon stick, one stick is longer than the other stick , and later this weapon from south to Ryukyu, the Philippines, from east to Japan. As a result of historical changes, Nunchaku-Cylinder was changed to the present look: full length 72CM, each stick about 30 cm, the middle of a chain link about 12 to 15 cm.
According to various needs will change in the stick or chain length.
Ryukyu forbidden era, farmer’s transformed farm tools into a seemingly insignificant but can cause injuries in order to self-defense. There are not many techniques to manipulate the Nunchaku-Cylinder, so most of the farmers or fishermen practice boxing will practice a weapon, so there is no special genre or heritage history.
But because of the special structure of the Nunchaku-Cylinder, to derive a variety of gorgeous movements, easy to carry,
so now a lot of martial arts enthusiasts practice, and commonly used in martial arts performances.
Nunchaku-Cylinder belong to cold weapons, became worldwide famous in the real world because the martial arts star Bruce Lee use it in the film many times.





Product Story

Wuxia refers to martial arts knight, that martial arts person.
In particular, the story of the Song and Yuan Dynasty martial arts, the purpose of martial arts is to stop the strong from bulling the weak.
Chinese style martial arts story in the novel is very popular in Southeast Asia as famous as "Kali"- Filipino martial arts, "Silat"- Indonesia boxing, etc.
In the story of martial arts series includes many Chinese style or Southeast Asian-style weapons. There are many films "JinYiwei" - Guard Broadsword, "Shaolin monks" - the Shaolin sticks, "Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber Dragon" - Slaughterer's Great Sword, "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" - The Green sword, "Tai Chi" - Tai Chi Sword, "Ip man" - Butterfly Sword, "Dead Or Alive" - Philippines martial arts short stick , Bruce Lee movies - nunchaku, "Master" - Meridian duck tomahaw, Sun Shangxiang the hands of the The sun and moon rings, bodyguard and the ancient Chinese army love to use the horse chopping sword, great collection of Han sword , You can find all the them in this series. "


Product Characteristic

Meticulous Ornamentation

Details are not sloppy. Showing a good texture of hand-made.It is worth collecting. 

Simulation Passivation

Blade passivation simulation modeling, increasing the safety of practicing, hands feel good regardless of the stab or wave!

Excellent Hands Feel

Ergonomic designs for handle, not only for the stability of the grip but also for the effect of anti-slip.



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Martial Arts
Total Length 300mmThe length of chain 145mm/ 7 rings ​|Weight 410g